Get Emails Out of Spam, and Into Inboxes

As an Email Center Pro user, you are asking ECP to send mail to others on your behalf. Did you know that your customers’ mail service may be sending your mail to a spam folder, if it cannot recognize where your email is coming from?

Luckily, there’s an easy way to check whether Email Center Pro is listed correctly on your SPF record, so your email goes to their inbox.

What’s an SPF record?
The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a method to prevent email address forgery. It basically tells anyone receiving email from you whether that email really came from your domain, or is a forgery. It’s a good thing to have.

Open your Email Center Pro account, and your default mailbox. Compose a new message to:

You can make the subject line anything you wish, but something like “Testing SPF Record” may help you find the return message later. Add content or not, and click Send.

In a few minutes, you will get an auto-reply from with a whole bunch of interesting results about your SPF record. The one you need to look for is near the top, in the first group of Authentication Results.

Look for the line that starts spf=; anything other than pass after that equals sign means you don’t have Email Center Pro listed correctly as a valid sender of mail from your main domain ( This might show up as softfail or hardfail.


If there is a problem, you’ll want to make sure your SPF record uses our most updated recommendation to get your email where it needs to go.

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