Email Center Pro: Special Edition — Dancing With the Stars


We’ve just released a remastered Director’s Cut of Email Center Pro with new features to help your ensemble cast manage email. Email Center Pro: Special Edition is available right now in a browser near you.

A Star is born

Throw the spotlight on important conversations by clicking the star. That little conversation from Kansas will be thrust into the Starred folder, where you can relive its triumphs again and again on DVD and Blu-Ray. Celebrity is fickle, of course; when its 15 minutes are up, click the star again to send it back home to the Sunflower state.

We’ll have our people call your people

You’re a famous movie star; you don’t need to sit in front of Email Center Pro all day waiting for the mail to come in. RSS is your agent, pounding the pavement for you while you sit on the beach in Boca. When new mail comes in, your RSS reader can notify you that it’s time to make an appearance. You can even subscribe to a Saved Search, which should satisfy even the most capricious taste.

Of course, if you’re more Boise than Boca this week, you can stay in the loop using the new RSS Feed widget and get updates from any RSS-enabled blog or web service right on your dashboard.

Lights, Camera, ACTION

The paparazzi never blinks and neither does the Recent Actions dashboard widget. Newly improved with powerful filters, you can use it to find out who keeps assigning you all the spam, or deleting all of your mail from casting directors.

Enjoy the new features in Email Center Pro- we did it for the little people.

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