Email Center Pro Search Restored

We have restored the full-text search function for all Email Center Pro accounts. You will need to log out of ECP and then log back in again in order to see the Search function.

Because of the large volume of mail handled by Email Center Pro, we have limited the current search to conversations that have occurred in the last three months. We are continuing to index earlier conversations, and those messages will show up in your search results as they become available.

We hate to see problems in the software, both as its creators and its users. The origin of this week’s problems has been found and corrected. We sincerely appreciate your patience as we fixed the problem and restored service.

More information:

The problem originated with an improvement to the speed of our mail handling. Unfortunately, mail was then coming in too fast for the search function server to handle, which resulted in repeated false error messages, causing the service to fail for some customers.

We have fixed the underlying source of the false error reports, as well as the servers’ abilities to handle fast email, and restored service. We are in the process of re-indexing all conversations to fully restore the Search function.

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Utterly written content material , thankyou for selective information .

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show or hide Comment by Adwokat Częstochowa on 2016-08-19 06:37:15

You have brought up a very fantastic points , thanks for the post.

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