Analogy: Finding your email is like…


Most people who use Outlook or Yahoo! Mail would say it’s like looking in the right drawer for a pair of socks, or finding a specific folder in a specific filing cabinet.

But your email conversations aren’t physical things, tangible pieces of paper you shuffle from one side of the desk to the other. They’re digital information. Little ones and zeroes that blip across the Internet to help you do business better.

Here at Palo Alto Software, Inc., we think finding a specific email exchange should be like finding information with a powerful search engine:

Dynamic results

Chances are, if you Google “economy,” you’ll get different search results from one day to another, because the relevant data keeps changing in real time. Your email changes every day, too, as you have real-time interactions with clients, customers, colleagues, and suppliers.

Sort across categories

Search engines don’t restrict their searches only to websites hosted in your city. They don’t artificially limit search results to websites created by people whose names start with A. We think finding email should be this flexible.

Saved Searches

Email Center Pro includes an advanced search function which lets you choose criteria, from full-text search, to mailbox name, assignee, most recent action date, or even whether the email had an attachment.
In addition, you can save your searches for future reference, see them on the Dashboard when you first log in, and even share them with other users.

Click here for detailed instructions on searching.

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