RESOLVED: 09/14/2017: AWS Issue possibly affecting ECP attachments

RESOLVED: Amazon is now confirming that they’ve found and fixed the problem. ECP should be functioning normally at this time.

OLD: Amazon is reporting that there are some troubles with an AWS file storage system that could be causing problems for users within ECP. We have only had a few reports so far, but the AWS issue could cause problems when you try to download or upload attachments within Email Center Pro.

The AWS issue is documented here:

Send an email to to request updates as they become available.

ECP Maintenance: Friday May 5th 2017, 10:00pm Pacific

An index server crashed on the night of Sunday April 30th which caused some accounts to lose the ability to search email messages. This index server was recovered on the morning of Monday May 1st and search functionality was restored to the affected accounts.

We’ll have scheduled maintenance on that index server on Friday, May 5th to optimize it’s results. We do not anticipate any downtime for this maintenance.

Thank you,

Team Email Center Pro

ECP Maintenance: Tuesday June 28th, 10:00pm UTC

We’ll be restarting a database server at 10:00 PM UTC today. There should be little downtime involved, affected accounts will see a “maintenance mode” message briefly while the servers restart.

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