RESOLVED: ECP Issue – Accounts not receiving email

RESOLVED at 12:40 PM Pacific:

We just talked to the engineering team, they have found the the root cause of the email issues that have been happening over the past few days and corrected it. Email messages should be flowing normally at this time (and the problem will not return).

Can you have your team check and let us know if they are seeing any problems? Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

UPDATE at 11:55 AM Pacific Time:
The engineers have taken steps and email should be starting to flow once again. We’re not at the “All Clear” point yet, but things appear to be flowing in properly at this time.


After yesterday’s issue, we have been monitoring the inbound mail servers closely and noticed that the servers began having problems close to 9 AM Pacific.

Engineers immediately began diagnosing the problem and are currently working to determine what caused the issue to return so that they can take steps to resolve today’s issue and prevent it from re-occurring.

We will update this post as soon as we have further information.

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