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RESOLVED: 09/14/2017: AWS Issue possibly affecting ECP attachments

RESOLVED: Amazon is now confirming that they’ve found and fixed the problem. ECP should be functioning normally at this time.

OLD: Amazon is reporting that there are some troubles with an AWS file storage system that could be causing problems for users within ECP. We have only had a few reports so far, but the AWS issue could cause problems when you try to download or upload attachments within Email Center Pro.

The AWS issue is documented here:

Send an email to to request updates as they become available.

ECP Maintenance: Friday May 5th 2017, 10:00pm Pacific

An index server crashed on the night of Sunday April 30th which caused some accounts to lose the ability to search email messages. This index server was recovered on the morning of Monday May 1st and search functionality was restored to the affected accounts.

We’ll have scheduled maintenance on that index server on Friday, May 5th to optimize it’s results. We do not anticipate any downtime for this maintenance.

Thank you,

Team Email Center Pro

RESOLVED: Some reports encountering “Bad Request: Rate limit…” messages

After some adjustments to the back end database, we believe these issues to be resolved. Please contact customer service if you’re still seeing problems.

We’re fielding reports from some accounts/users that they’re encountering “Bad Request: Rate limit..” messages today. Our engineers are currently troubleshooting this problem. Send an email to to be notified of the solution.

RESOLVED: ECP Issue – Accounts not receiving email

RESOLVED at 12:40 PM Pacific:

We just talked to the engineering team, they have found the the root cause of the email issues that have been happening over the past few days and corrected it. Email messages should be flowing normally at this time (and the problem will not return).

Can you have your team check and let us know if they are seeing any problems? Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

UPDATE at 11:55 AM Pacific Time:
The engineers have taken steps and email should be starting to flow once again. We’re not at the “All Clear” point yet, but things appear to be flowing in properly at this time.


After yesterday’s issue, we have been monitoring the inbound mail servers closely and noticed that the servers began having problems close to 9 AM Pacific.

Engineers immediately began diagnosing the problem and are currently working to determine what caused the issue to return so that they can take steps to resolve today’s issue and prevent it from re-occurring.

We will update this post as soon as we have further information.

ECP Maintenance: Tuesday June 28th, 10:00pm UTC

We’ll be restarting a database server at 10:00 PM UTC today. There should be little downtime involved, affected accounts will see a “maintenance mode” message briefly while the servers restart.

ECP Maintenance: Cancelled – Friday May 20th, 2016 6:00 PM UTC

We’ll be bringing a new index server online at 6pm UTC to provide additional capacity for all Email Center Pro accounts. We don’t anticipate any downtime for this update, but there may be some impact on application performance as the new index server comes online.

After further review, we’ve decided to hold releasing this upgrade for today.

Email Center Pro: Problem Resolved

This issue is now resolved. All affected messages were queued and are in the process of being delivered. Thank you for your patience, we apologize for any inconvenience.

We’ve had reports from some accounts that outbound email messages are not being delivered this morning. Our engineers are looking into the problem and troubleshooting what is happening with our mail gateway. For accounts having this problem, messages sent via Custom SMTP are being delivered properly. If you’re experiencing email deliverability issues this morning, please set up a Custom SMTP connection to route messages through your mail server as a work around for this issue.

SMTP Servers: What are they, why use them and how do I set them up?


Email Center Pro: Maintenance Update

We will be updating the database architecture for many Email Center Pro accounts on Friday March 18th at 3pm Pacific. Affected accounts will be placed into maintenance mode during this time while we do the updates. This should be a short downtime and services should resume normally as soon as we are finished.

Thank you,

Team ECP

ECP Maintenance, Tuesday, March 10th, 7:00pm UTC

An update for Email Center Pro will take place on Tuesday, March10th, at 7:00 PM, (UTC). Service should not be interrupted. Thank you for your patience.

ECP Maintenance, Friday, October 24th, 11:00pm UTC

An update of the Email Center Pro full-text search index will take place on Friday, October 24th, at 11:00 PM, (UTC). Service should not be interrupted, but the search function may be slow while the re-indexing is in progress. It may take up to an hour from the start of the re-indexing for the newest messages to appear in search results.

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