Sugar-Free for Solidarity

Palo Alto Software CEO Sabrina Parsons has a remarkable capacity for life. She runs this company. She’s a wife (to COO Noah Parsons). And she’s raising two young lads.

But all of that pales in comparison to what’s done over the last few weeks.

True SolidaritySince we began the “Solidarity Experiment” in support of Email Center Pro a few weeks ago, Sabrina has been pressing life’s gas pedal without the benefit of sugar. That’s right, none. Zero. Zilch.

Because of Email Center Pro she’s been eating crackers and all natural jam for dessert. On Halloween, she watched the candy come and go. And, even more earth shaking, she’s been roaming the halls of Palo Alto without the suckers you see laid out to the right (Organic Chili Lime Lambada Lollipops) putting a giddy up in her gait.

I know, you’re thinking to yourself “they’re just suckers.” But that would be a devastatingly short-sighted. I kid you not, Sabrina showed up to my initial job interview with one of those sugar sweets sedating her.

But she has been faithful to the cause of Email Center Pro. We’re in pursuit of 4,000 users — and it’s going very well. Of course, “very well” is all in the eye of the beholder — depending on whether or not you’ve got sugar permissions.

Jason Gallic
Product Marketing Manager

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show or hide Comment by Derek Brandow on 2008-11-06 13:15:47

I hope there weren’t any suckers harmed in the writing of this post, or during this photo shoot.

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