Ongoing Optimization

Since the official public launch around 45 days ago, we’ve been working hard to continue to optimize the performance and user experience of Email Center Pro. A couple highlights:

  • Upgraded to the latest version of TinyMCE for improved text editing.
  • Implemented a caching layer between ECP and S3 to speed up message loading time.
  • Integrated Amazon’s Simple Queue Service to greatly decrease latency of POP mail delivery.
  • Implemented a background sending process so that users don’t have to wait for messages to send, they can get right back to work.
  • Added paging for viewing long threads with a quicker load time.

We’ve also responded to all of our hundreds of feedback messages from early adopters, with many of those requests making it into the application, and many more planned for a near future release. We’ve aggregated all the requests and have compiled a feature list for the next big release of ECP, which we’re working on now. The set of features is exciting and is going to be a great supplement to our current offering. And we’re going to continue to tune performance across the board.

Alex Boone
Senior Software Design Engineer


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show or hide Comment by Philip on 2008-06-12 12:24:28

This software is awesome, easy to use, simple interface. We are an internet-only retailer, and there are a few suggestions that I have that I think would make this a killer app for online retailers:
(1)A knowledge base to help answer questions that can also be integrated into our website so that our customers can search and find answers as well as our customer service agents, (2) allow the smart folder to filter by keywords found in an email’s body, and not just the subject line, (3)customizable html auto reply sent out whenever we receive new email, and specifically the ability to customize a specific reply if certain keywords are found in an incoming email message subject line or body, and (4)a small desktop app that can run in the system tray that will pop-up a mini window similar to Outlook 2003- notifying you that new email has arrived or been assigned to you.
I’m really excited about the future of this product. We’ve tried LivePerson and many other solutions, but this is so easy. Please continue updating it, and I promise you will have a huge market with internet retailers and ecommerce companies.

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