Got Analytics?

On Thursday, your Email Center Pro account got a whole lot more useful.

The Dashboard¬†can now be customized with a variety of fun and useful analytic widgets. Go ahead, click on any widget (that’s a technical term) like “My Mail” and drag it to a new location on the Dashboard.

You’ll see an option to “Add More Widgets” at the top left of the Dashboard, giving you access to a bunch of additional analytics to help manage your email process. Widgets available vary by account level.

Here are a couple examples of what you’ll find in the new feature pack for Email Center Pro:

Mailbox Breakdown

Make sure no one user is being overloaded with email assignments. This pie chart shows the breakdown of unassigned and assigned messages (by user) for a given mailbox. You can customize this by mailbox, or choose “Any Mailbox” to see assignments across all Inboxes.

Mailbox Response Time
See a running average of your email response time. Customize this histogram and detailed table by user, mailbox, and date range. This is an essential management tool.

We’ll be releasing more feature packs over the next several weeks, so stay tuned!

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