Email Center Pro Power User: Jay Snider

The best thing about learning to use Email Center Pro was how easy it was. Not only was the training time really just a matter of minutes, but once up to speed in ECP, it made training for my job much easier. Our extensive collection of templates allowed me to start responding to customers much more quickly than I might have otherwise. With common questions coming in all the time, quick keyword searches of the templates allowed me to respond with confidence. And when I was ready to start answering the phones as well, I could handle those same questions because I was familiar with the answers from having used the templates.

When there was an email in our Sales Inbox that I didn’t know how to answer, I had several ways to learn the right responses. I could add a note to the email, asking a co-worker how it should be handled. Or I could check my coworkers’ responses through Saved Searches, Tags, or searching the Archive. Then I could follow the thread to see how the issue was resolved.

I continue to use the Saved Searches in this manner. For instance, sometimes emails come to the Customer Service Inbox that really should be routed to Technical Support. I could just assign those emails to a Tech Support person or move it to the Tech Support Inbox and know it will be taken care of. But often I follow it, to learn the correct answers. This way in the future, I can take care of similar emails myself. The end result is that we can respond to customers much faster.

Being able to quickly search for an email in ECP is invaluable. Customers frequently send an email and then call in right away, or follow up on an email conversation with a call a week or two later. Sometimes they even email several weeks after an initial email, and don’t provide enough information to assist them. By searching for other emails sent from that customer, we can see a whole history of communication with them, which allows us to provide the customer with a higher level of service than they expect.

Finally, I really like the way ECP automatically assigns emails once a conversation has been started. If I answer an email from a customer in the morning and they respond later in the day, that email is assigned to me. This lets the customer know that they are dealing with a real person who is following up on their needs, not an impersonal department where random people are responding to their emails. I like my customers to know that I’m here to help them and will continue to help them until their questions are answered.

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