Email Center Pro Maintenance on Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

On Saturday, September 22, 2012, Email Center Pro will change its outbound email routing. This change will have no effect on customers receiving email. It will only affect email coming from Email Center Pro to your own domain.

For most user accounts, this will be completely transparent, and there will be nothing to do.

This change will only affect customers whose Email Center Pro mailbox specifies where mail comes from. For example, if you go beyond using the default SPF records to specify where mail comes from, you will need to work with your IT department to make a change to your DNS (domain name system) to continue receiving email.

If your SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) servers place restrictions on where email from your domain, to your domain, comes from (beyond an SPF record in DNS), then you will need to change these restrictions to allow the following IP addresses: and (NOTE: Do not remove any other IP addresses you may have for Email Center Pro mail until after the 22nd of September.)

If, however, your SMTP servers have these restrictions via an SPF record, then no change will be required on your part, as the SPF records will be updated prior to this change.

For more information on ECP and SPF records (and how to prevent email from being flagged as spam), please see the following help document:

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