Email Center Pro joins Etelos Marketplace

“Software as a Service” products are treading lightly, but with increasingly regularity, into a world that’s not much different than, say, Hershey’s Chocolate. If you visited the home base in Pennsylvania, they’d serve you as much sugary decadence as your heart desired. But you’re far more likely to pick up a bar at your neighborhood grocery store.

Email Center Pro is now among the SaaS products offered on the Etelos Marketplace. The service went live there a couple of weeks ago, and was officially announced on Tuesday, Sept. 16.

It’s a nice opportunity to expose Email Center Pro to an audience looking specifically for hosted solutions to common business functions.

ECP entered the Etelos Marketplace with five other SaaS products looking to gain traction in an ever-expanding market. Those companies, LOOP, Blink Logic,, Entellium and Central Desktop help to round out what we think is a strong six-pack.

As for Etelos, their marketplace is in the business of  giving developers a channel for distributing and hosting applications, and giving businesses a wide selection of those on-demand applications from which to choose.

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