ECP Improvements Coming August 17th

While we like to think all of our customers are special, our newest Email Center Pro update will fix things for those of you who use “special” characters on a regular basis.

Starting August 17th at noon (PST), you will be able to use characters such as $, %, or \ in your mail signatures and Input Fields, and Email Center Pro will support lengthy URLs containing semicolons.

In addition, we’ve improved the Mailbox Traffic widget on the Dashboard to better reflect your preferred time zone. This improvement can be seen when you set the Date Range in the widget to 12 or 24 hours.

We hope you’re having a great summer, and that Email Center Pro is helping you respond to your customers faster and better. Let us know how it’s going anytime by clicking the “Contact us” link at the top of your screen with questions or stories. We love to hear from all our special customers!


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Ecp improvements coming august 17th.. Neat :)

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