Email Center Pro – the rest of the story

So you want a little more info? Great! I’ve got it for you.

The truth is we initially created Email Center Pro for ourselves. Palo Alto Software is the well-established market leader in business planning software, and we do the majority of our software sales online.

In our daily operations, we were in constant “email pain”. Emails to our dozens of shared accounts like sales@, info@, and marketing@ were being distributed to multiple people, leading to some emails receiving multiple answers and, worse, others sitting unanswered for days. I’m sure you know the drill.

But, when we were in search of a solution, there were just too many ‘trouble ticket’ email systems and not enough email management systems, so we created an in-house solution which has worked so well for us, we decided to release it for anyone to use. Granted, it’s not the sexiest web application out there, but it works and it saves time.

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