ECP Update

In advance of Monday’s public launch, we released a couple of minor updates to Email Center Pro today.  The highlights are:

  • Added NOT operator to the smart folder rules builder (example: subject is not “marketing form submission”, assignee is not Alex or Evan).  More work to come in this area, smarter smart folders are on the short list for post-launch features.
  • Improved search results – order is now date descending (most recent on top), which should help you find messages easier, as the “relevancy” score didn’t appear very ordered to the user.  We’re working on some enhancements to the search experience to be released soon as well.
  • Threading enhancements – responding to feedback from our beta users, we’ve updated the rules that define how messages get threaded.  Hopefully this will put an end to stacking up monthly newsletters, web site form submissions and some other use cases that were falling through the cracks.  We’ve also added a great “break from conversation” feature (located in the message menu in the top right of each message view), which will allow you to split messages out of a conversation if the system didn’t do its job.
  • Help documents – inside Email Center Pro, help is just a click away.  The online documentation will outline each feature and use case in the system and provide tips for advanced users.  Context sensitive help is often available for dialogs, indicated by a “?” in the top right corner.

Thanks for all the feedback from our beta users!
Alex Boone
Senior Software Design Engineer

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